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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zweibrücken, Alemania

We spent a large part of our vacaciones in a small town in southwest Alemania called Zweibrücken, which isabout 10 kilometers from Francia.  We went to visit my tíos.  They are actually my mamá’s tíos.  So that means that Tante Anna and Unkle Jakobhave put up with three generations of our family’s young girls’ antics!   

They haven’t lost their touch as OUTSTANDING tíos!
Sofía also got to meet a cousin with thesame name!  (Tocayas!)

 We also got to catch up with cousins wehaven’t seen in years!
And we visited the Rosengarten—which Ihave many fond memories of—running around the roses just like Sofía! 

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