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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Playdate and Parade in the Barrio

The first play date we ever hosted was Sofía’s first Octubre. We are lucky that our barrio has a group of girls all born in 2009 and they are amigas and we try to get together often. The next Octubre, we added costumes to our play date and we have tried to make it be an annual event since then. This year at the Halloween Playdate, Sofía dressed as a Princesa (her newest obsession!)
Sofía dressed as Tigger on her first Halloween.

This year we decided to add a Toddler Halloween Parade to our barrio play date.  We decorated our wagon for the event and let the neighbors know we would be out making noise with instrumentos musicales.

The parade was a big hit!  It was nice for the niños to cruise around the barrio in NICE weather (No Huracán Sandy in sight!) and in daylight!  The parade will definitely be an annual event!
And I almost forgot!  One of our neighbors brought a paper crown-making kit for the adults to wear since we are all Royalty!  That was a super idea that certainly needs to be repeated next year too!

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