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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Center: El Mercado de Jasmín

There are a few "constants" that Sofía always likes to play, so I went with it and used them to create Play Centers in our basement.  The first Center to be finished is El Mercado de Jasmín.  Sofía had so much fun helping me clean things and pull odds and ends together to create a little Mercado for her. 

Then we gathered all the play food and sorted it into different categorías as we organized where the food would go in the stands.  (We also included a a way to purchase lottery tickets—just like Papi does!)

This was a great actividad to reinforce the categorization of fruits and vegetables and refrigerated foods. 

Sofía decided on her own that it was important that she hand write a recibo for every customer (or character I played buying in her Mercado!).

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