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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sight Words en Español

If you have been following my blog or my articles on SpanglishBaby™, then you know that Sofía and I have been learning our Abecedario, our letras and their sounds.  

Reading Specialist and early elementary grade teachers everywhere recommend that children learn sight words while on their path to becoming proficient readers.  Sight words are important to learn because they are words that make up a large part (about 70%) of all reading.  Usually they are words that are difficult to sound out and grasp concept through context.  Although I don’t need to worry about sight words yet since Sofía is just learning her abecedario, I did research sight words en Español to share with readers with children who are beginning to read.

One of the best ways to learn Sight Words is the old fashioned way:  through flashcards (and plain ole reading of course!).  As an educator, I can’t stress enough the usefulness of using flashcards with your children.  When the time comes and Sofía begins to learn to read, we will be using Sight Word flash cards in both languages. 

Scholastic has great resources for Sight Words in both Inglés and Español (Downloadable versions only cost 99¢ each!) Their links to Sight Word resources in Español can be accessed through my article on SpanglishBaby™.

This post is a linked additional information section for an article called Reading and Your SpanglishBaby on SpanglishBaby™.

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