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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Astronauta Printable Pack Actividades

We have been concentrating on Space and Astronautas for a while since Sofía is going to be an Astronauta for Trick or Treating on Halloween.

Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations has some great resources for a Space unit.  Her entire packet can be found and downloadedfor free here!  I thought the actividades were great – I haven’t used them all yet and I did make some accommodations for language and age.

Here is what we did!
I cut out the cohete espaciales and Sofía put them in order (Both ways, increasing size and decreasing size.)  We did this a few times for various days before we glued them on paper.  She liked the actividad.

Matching Shadows
 Again, I cut out the squares and gave them to Sofía to match together.  She enjoys repeating the actividad several times.  The next day, I let her glue them in pairs on the paper.  She was very particular about HOW she wanted them lined up.

Countdown and Cutting!
  We talked about how a “countdown” works and practiced saying the numbers backwards and forwards.  We even watched NASA video clips of countdowns and take-off!  Over a few days, Sofía cut out the numbers all by herself!  (She LOVES cutting paper!) Then she put them in order and together we glued the numbers on the paper so they would fit.  ¡Despuegue!
Letter Matching
Sofía colored her female astronauta and then I gave her the construction paper already prepared with writing on it.  The actividad was to match letters together.  The construction paper had letters written to spell out Astronauta and Sofía had to find the proper card with the corresponding letter on it and then glue each one down.   (She really does tell me that she wants to be an Astronauta, by the way!)

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