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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Many Names of Tinker Bell

Today, Disney released its newest film in the Tinker Bell Disney Fairies Films, “The Secret of the Wings”.  I was honored and so very thrilled that I was asked to review the DVD for Spanglishbaby™.  While the review isn’t due out for a few more days, I wanted to share the Walt Disney Studios trailers of what I found to be an ESPECTACULAR movie!  As usual, Campanita rocks and Disney shines!  So until the review comes out and until you get your hot little hands on your own copy of “El Secreto de las Hadas”, enjoy the linguistic assortment below!

P.D.  Click HERE to read the review published on October 25, 2012 on SpanglishBaby!

Tinker Bell (with Antonio Banderas' accent):  El Secreto de las Hadas (Mexico)

Campanilla:  El Secreto de las Hadas (Espana)

Tinker Bell:  The Secret of the Wings (USA)

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