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Monday, October 15, 2012

La Letra C with a Cámara

A while ago Sofía and I were doing an actividad for the Letra C.  I had something planned out, but as we were doing it, something else occurred to me us, and so we followed the tangent!  We were cruising the casa for objects in our daily life that begin with the letra C.  There are quite a bit en Español!  I ended up giving the cámara to Sofía and she (with only a poquito of my help) took fotos of the things around us that began with the Letra C. 

Here are the results! 





cuchara y cuchillo


As a follow-up to this actividad, you can make your own flashcards with fotos or make a collage of the letra C fotos that the niño has taken.  Sofía LOVES to look at the fotos that she has taken and reviews the names of the objects and practices the sound of the letra C!

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