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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disecando Las Calabazas

Our end result is tres different decorated calabazas.  For Señor Calabaza, we used a drill and THAT was super fun!  For the felt sticker Calabaza, Sofía got to do it ALL BY HERSELF and so of course, that was a whole new kind of entertainment.  So when it came to actually carve the last calabaza, Sofía wasn’t too interested until she saw what was inside the calabaza. 

Sofía helped her Papi scrape out the insides and use pinzas to remove all the innards.

The seeds MUST be stirred once in a bowl!
  Wow… “¡Mira Mami!”  The pinzas double as a musical instrumento!

Papi shows Sofía how to draw the face before cutting it out.  “¡Hey!  Papi, ese no es cara de princesa!”  He tried to explain why it wasn’t.

She didn't like his answer, so she drew her own cara de princesa on the back!

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