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Monday, October 1, 2012

Resources Available in SpanglishBaby’s™ La Tiendita

La Tiendita

If you have been following my blog or my articles on SpanglishBaby™, then you know that Sofía and I have been learning our Abecedario, our letras and their sounds.  
SpanglishBaby™ has a Tiendita through Amazon where you can make purchases and part of the proceeds will benefit us in bringing you more fabulous prizes and opportunities. So, before purchasing any product for your Spanglish Baby that has to do with Español, always check first with our Tiendita.  Since Sofía has been born, I’ve done lots of searching for material (books, toys, and apparel) en Español.   I’ve noticed that if I do a search on Amazon on my own, these products (from La Tiendita) don’t necessarily show up (I think that foreign material products aren’t always tagged properly for searches) and there are some really good resources in La Tiendita!  I saw some authentic CD titles that I know I will be purchasing for Christmas!  What better way to reinforce rhyming than with classic children’s songs en Español! I also noticed that Leap Frog makes a Pesca de Letras toy.  Although it is no longer available through Amazon, I now have a “make and model” to be able to contact Leap Frog directly and ask for it!  All in all, a little parada in La Tiendita before purchasing through Amazon is a definitely worth the extra time spent! 
This post is a linked additional information section for an article called Reading and Your SpanglishBaby on SpanglishBaby™.


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