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Monday, March 7, 2011


Mi familia has been making pizzelles for as long as I can remember. In our casa, Fridays were Pizzelle days. So it goes without saying that my husband, Sofía and I also make pizzelles. We like to do it…we feel it really is a process that requires more than one person, so making them is nice bonding time. If you don’t know what Pizzelles are, you can go here and get a synopsis. But basically they are a traditional Italian waffle galleta. Not everyone can make pizzelles as they require a pizzelle iron….so it makes a nice treat for special occasions or gifts. 
Today, Sofía actively participated in the making our pizzelles!

Sofía mixed the masa.
Then she rolled the masa into balls just like Mami.

The balls were weighed and placed on the pizzelle iron to “bake”.

Then pizzelles are moved to cooling racks so they don’t get soggy as they cool.

Here Sofía is making silly faces as she waits to try her first pizzelle of the day.

No fotos of her eating the pizzelles….I can’t possibly eat and take a foto at the same time!

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