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Monday, March 21, 2011


In an earler post, I mentioned that Sofía is obsessed with the movie Ratatouille. She continues to be obsessed with it. In the beginning of the movie, el Chefcito climbs out on a ledge and has an espectacular view of París and the Torre de Eiffel. She now recognizes the Torre. Yesterday, we were running errands and I told her that we would stop to eat somewhere. This is how the conversation transpired, en Español of course.

Mami: We are going to stop at a restuarante to eat.

Sofía: ¿París?

Mami: París like where Ratatouille Ratatouille eats?

Sofía; Si, París like Ratatouille.

Mami: Well, I’m not sure if we can find París around here or not, but we can look.

Sofía: Eat in París.

Our París turned out to be Burger King. (I’m embarrassed but, we needed food REALLy fast!) We are at the counter waiting for our food.

Sofía: Is this París?

Mami: No, this is not París. I’m sorry Bebé, but we are going to have to wait for Papi before we go and eat in París. Don’t you think that Papi would want to eat in París with us?

Sofía: Papi, Mami, Sofía eat París.

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