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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Los Elefantes

Every year Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to the metropolitan DC area.  When they arrive to the city, they parade the elefantes from the train station to center of town where the circus is held.  Sofía and I skipped nap time and went downtown to see the spectacle.  I thought that there would be a LOT of people, but there weren’t.  We waited for those elefantes right on the sidewalk next to the closed off street.   I was probably more into the entire fuss than Sofía.  There was a small parade of clowns and acrobats and various animales.  It was really quite cool to see elefantes walk down the middle of a street. 

The entire parade lasted no more than four minutes.  We had waited over an hour and half because we arrived early in case there was traffic or road closures etc…(None of that happens by the way.  When the police hear the elfantes coming, they close the road and the cars must wait for the parade to go by.)  While we waited, we hung out in the outdoor park at the United States Botanical Gardens.  It was a beautiful day and Sofía really enjoyed it.  In fact, she tired herself out so much that by the time the parade came around, she was almost comatose!  Sofía’s favorite part of the parade was not the elfantes, but the payasos (clowns) which I didn’t get a foto of!

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