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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Culinary Weekend Celebration

In continuing my mini-series on our Aniversario and sharing some fun cultural tidbits that we incorporated into our wedding weekend in Peru, I mentioned that it really was a Culinary Weekend Celebration.  Our Rehearsal Dinner took place after we went to Tea at a local Country Club.  Tea also included an array of little appetizers that could have sufficed as dinner itself….we just didn’t know that!  So our Rehearsal Dinner was held at Restaurante Brujas de Cachiche.  We specifically wanted dinner to be filled with yummy traditional Peruvian food (served in traditional clay plots) for everyone - foreigners, Peruvians who have lived outside of Perú for many years as well as the locals.  My brother is a professional photographer and so I asked him to take fotos of each dish so that I could use it as a teaching tool with my students.  It was a very wise move!  My mouth is watering just thinking about all the platos!!  ¡Qué deli!
Picarones:  Fried squash fritter rings with syrup


Causa:   Mashed potato and Tuna roll

Salmon y alcaparras:  Salmon and capers

Pulpo al Olivo:  Octopus in olive oil.

Camote y Choclo:  Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Ensalada de Habas:  Faba Bean salad

Fried Yucca.

Papas-Yellow potatoes, which are originally from Peru, served with Salsa a la Huancaina, a hot cheese sauce.

Chorros a la Chalaca:  Mussles with onion, tomato, and aji.

Escabeche de Pescado:  Fried fish with onion sauce

Tacu Tacu:  Peruvian-style refried beans and rice

Rocoto Relleno:  stuffed rocoto peppers...very very hot!

Pastel de Papa:  Peruvian potato bake

Torta de Tres Leches


Carapulcra:  Dried potato stew

Pescado Saltado: Fish, potato, tomato and onion mix

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