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Friday, March 4, 2011

Las Pepitas de Cerezas

In a recent post, I talked about how Language is Culture and one really can’t separate the two.  If you are going to learn a different language you must also learn the culture of the language.  This is too deep of a topic to delve into right now, but I wanted to share a cute anécdota that Sofía picked up on yesterday.  She decided that she wanted to eat uvas, grapes, instead of cerezas, (not to be confused with cerVeza!), cherries.  So I ate the cerezas.  And like any good Latina would do, I inconspicuously spit the pepita, seed, into my closed fisted hand and secretly slid it onto my plate.  She seemed to be intrigued by this.  So since she didn’t have any pepitas in her uvas, she made me spit them into HER mano and then she not-so-secretly, put them onto her plate!  I don’t know what other countries do this besides some Spanish-speaking ones. I also don’t know if in España this is done or not.  I like it much better than the practice that we often see in La USA and at dos años, I’m glad that Sofía has picked up on it already!

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