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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

¡A Cantar!

Sofía LOVES to cantar.  In a previous post, I mentioned how she woke up in her cuna cantando “Happy Bithday.”    Now as soon as she wakes up, she starts cantando. She has also expanded her repertoire of canciones.  She will cantar a canción from our Music Class that is like this: “Hola _____, Hola _____ gusto verte hoy.”  She usually fills in the blanks with the names of her friends and family but also whatever object or animal that comes to mind.  This morning it was “la caja” (box) and “mami”.  There is another little jingle en Español that she will belt out:  Mi Mamá me mima, mi mamá me ama, mi mamá me ama, mi mamá me mima.  The words itself aren’t as important as the play on sounds and blends.  She of course continues to sing “Happy Bithday yo” or to whomever she feels like singing it to that morning.  The last canciones that Sofía will sing are the silly canciones that I make up for her during the day. These are my favorite because they really keeps me on my toes.   I’m still trying to find a way to record her and share it with you.  So meanwhile, I will leave you with a YouTube audio song of Ella Fitzgerald singing “Blue Moon” which has been our most recent dinner time entertainment.  We sing the refrain in Español, Inglés, and we simultaneously sign it! 

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