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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Viaje a Alemania

These are my babies.
Somewhere in the hills of Germany’s Moselle River Valley, at Burg Pyrmont, my babies pose for some of the first of what will be quite a plethora of fotos that I will have taken over the past 2 weeks. My esposo and I have been planning this trip for over three years! The first time we had tickets in our hot little hands, I was pregnant with Sofia during the first (God-awful) trimester. We ended up cancelling because I spent the majority of those three months vertical on a couch somewhere. (But I digress!) soo... All our estrellas lined up and we spent dos splendid semanas visiting my relatives and sight-seeing! I will try to write about some interesting points of our trip over the next few days starting with hoy!
Sofía was so excited to go on an airplane again! I love the special treatment given to familias with small niños and I especially love Lufthansa with small niños (even in spite of the strike!).  They gave Sofía a busy packet and one of the azafatas even gave Sofía her wing pin!
Here is a string of fotos inspired by the sticker-badge given to us by the TSA agent at Dulles Airport!
We tried out headphones for the first time during this flight and they worked beautifully!

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  1. It's great fun to see a few pictures from your trip!! I love the photos of the toys...haven't ever delved into toy stores like that, what fun from afar!! Thanks, once again, for thinking of us, and acting on your thoughts, while you were in Germany. So sweet!