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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pica Pica: A Rainy Día Actividad

¡Gúacala! We hate rainy días, but luckily we had a fun actividad to save the día! Our Pica Pica de Colores (confetti  or Pica Pica as we like to call it) cutting is something Sofía really enjoys doing,asks for it ALL THE TIME, and is really simple to prepare.  Since Sofía is only three-years-old, she isjust learning how to use preschool tijeras.  I give her a variety of paper with differenttextures to cut such as tissue paper, construction paper, laminated strips, Xeroxpaper, and textured thin paper.  When shehas a pile cut-up, she puts the Pica Picain one of the containers, a tub or a an empty water bottle.  All are great actividades for developing fine motor skills and hand-eyecoordination.  I have found that the Pica Pica actividad also leads to muchcreative and imaginative play as well. Although I MUST sit next to Sofía while she uses her tijeras, this open actividad really allows her to be theboss and make decisions of how and where the actividad will go—something three-year-olds really, really, REALLYlike to do!


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