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Monday, September 3, 2012

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Papi!

Sofía yelled “sorpresa Papi” when he came down the stairs and saw all the food we had catered from local VietnameseRestaurantes.  She was so excited to celebrate her Papi’s cumpleaños AND play with her amigas!
Although I forgot to take pictures of the Vietnames Cuisine, I do need to mention it.  One of the many, many things I first loved about my esposo is that he was and is so open to trying new cuisines and makes variety a constant in his and our meals; it is not that he is only “trying” as he is adopting the cuisine as part of his weekly menu (if that makes any sense!)  So we really try to make sure that Sofía is exposed to a variety of fare:  Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Pilipino, and Greek to just name a few.  Bueno, she is more than exposed to it as we eat them on a regular basis.  But this is easy for us…..our area of la USA is one of the more diverse in the country and if we weren’t surround by so many cultures, it would be a little more difícil! 
Hopefully it will pay off in the long run and Sofía will develop a well-groomed pallet and learn to appreciate how important food is to language and culture. 

Our dessert however, was not Vietnamita.  Sofía and I made Papi’s favorite---ChocoFlan!  Yes, that topping is real arequipe! 

Our amigos brought mi esposo a little regalo that pretty much expresses the general consensus’ sentiments: 40 Sucks!  Do you want to know why the bouquet looks so sparse?  Just guess where all those   &^*#*&^%   chupetes have gone!!!

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