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Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing with Water Beads

 Sofía loves this actividad!  We use one packet of floral water beads, which you can find at Michael’s, and let them sit in a large storage container filled with water.   We usually let them soak for about 2 días.  
Then Sofía adds what she wants to the tub—usually some small cups and bowls—but sometimes, she just plays with no other toys!  The beads are soo much fun!  They are slippery and bouncy and provide a different sensation.  Adults and niños both enjoy relaxing with a water bead tub!
 Our favorite color for water beads is blue.  I tried out the red ones (shown  below) and we really don’t like them as much.  They changed the color of the water which made me apprehensive about staining. 
We play with our water bead tub both indoors and out!  Store the water bead covered in water when not in use and they will last about 2-3 months!


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