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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Schultüte-German School Cones

Foto Credit:  Wikipedia and author Farah Eliane
While perusing what is going on over at Bilingual Babes, I came across Tallulah’s post about German Schultüte.  I thought that is was such a fantastic cultural practice and very timely for us since schools just started their new academic years this week.  Do stop by Bilingual Babes and read all about the Schultüte, I’m sure Tallulah will welcome everyone!  Basically, in Germany, children receive Schultüte before school starts.  It is a large paper or maybe plastic decorated cone that is filled with sweets, school supplies and other miscellaneous and practical toys (think Christmas Stocking). In short, the idea is to celebrate the starting of school.  What a super concept!  MamaMamaHoney also posts about her before school celebration and Schultüte.

Through a simple Google search, you can find much more information about Schultüte including an online store, KinderCone where you can buy them!
¡Feliz Schule!

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