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Monday, September 24, 2012

Toys in Alemania

It seems that Alemania is famous for their jugueterías (toy stores) and toy makers.  We visited a great jugueteria and had fun looking at all the things for sale that were different.  There were a lot of well-made wooden toys.  I don’t know how the Germans can afford to buy any of the toys because they are extremely expensive!  We also came across a ToysRUs, but didn’t have a chance to peek in—I would have loved to have been able to make cultural comparisons there also!
I really liked these hand-made wooden puppets with different types of characters!

Here is a Lego® vending machine in the metro!  In case you really need something at the last minute I suppose, since the stores close at 8 PM!
My favorite toys were the wooden food toys!  The variety was amazing and a splendid representation of the culture!  Again, they were super, super, super expensive or we would have bought a bunch for me Sofía to play with! 
I really admired this wooden toy—yes it is wooden and not a supermarket packet!  I took the picture because it happened to be one of my esposo’s favorite Schwäbisch dishes!
Many of the food toys were little tin containers (Think Altoids) with tiny wooden hand-made pieces inside!  I thoroughly enjoyed opening all the tins to see what kind of surprise was inside!  (My esposo didn’t enjoy it as much—what a shocker!)
Lastly, we came across this construction kit.  We should have bought it, but we were too tired to think at that point!  If you look closely at the picture of the house, you will see that it is the exact replica of how German country homes are built.  (Coincidently, it is how many of the houses in Latinoamérica are also built!) Included are mortar and trowel too! But we really wanted it to build castles like all of the castillos that we visited!  As you can see…we thoroughly enjoyed the cultural analysis of the toys in Alemania!


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