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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mickey D's in Alemania

My esposo is embarrassed to admit that we stopped at McDonald's while travelling through Alemania.  But when one is zooming on the autobahn at a distorting velocity at dusk, sometimes the only restaurants that one can make out are the golden arches, albeit blurred, as their bright color and teetering height can be seen for miles before actually arriving at the location. (But I digress…)

Originally I took these fotos to share with Tamara from Non-Native Bilingualism who speaks Germa with her daughter, but I couldn’t resist pointing out some of the fun cultural jazz here too!   
Like other McDonald's that I have seen in other countries, those in Alemania were also PACKED with people! And Shell must know that as well because if you look closely at the paper tray liner…..Shell has teamed up with McD's and offers a discount off your gas the more you eat at the Golden Arches! 
ofia loved the free globos that McDonald's Alemania offered.  You are free to pick out the one you want without having to wait for someone to give it to you!

The Happy Meal looked chévere so I took fotos of it….I don’t know what they look like in la USA;  I am going to have to check it out then next time we patron McD's. 
What I found to be very, very cool was that the “toy” in the Happy Meal was a really nice hard-back book.  They had several different titles also!

Try to say this five times rápido!
The BIGGEST surprise to us at McDonald's Alemania was not the absence of trash cans and the use of tray holders as waste elimination, it was that (like THE MAJORITY) of establishments in Alemania, it was CASH ONLY! 

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