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Friday, August 31, 2012

Una Acuarela For Andrés

A few weeks ago we went to see a super show sponsored by our public library.  It was called Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés.  Sofía seems to have become encantada with Andrés (It really is difficult for many women to resist un chulo with a sweet voice; I just didn’t expect it at THREE YEARS OLD!)  We were trying out our new acuarelas (water colors) the other día and when she was finished with her obra, she proclaimed that the painting was for Andrés!  You can read our review of the show onSpanglishBaby™.  Stay Tuned for more info here about Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés as he is coming out with a music CD soon!


  1. Wow! It sounds like an incredible performance. I know exactly what you mean about being a tough critic for activities like library events and classes for children (it's hard for me to enjoy storytimes now).

    I checked out his website--looks like he doesn't tour as far west as Colorado. But I'm still going to pass it on to the librarian who does our bilingual programming, because she got a grant to help put on next year's Dia de los NInos celebration.

    And now that Griffin is in a Spanish immersion preschool, I'm looking for resources that will help me reinforce that at home! Thanks for sharing this info about Andres. We're already looking forward to his CD (but would rather have a DVD!).

  2. Hey Sarah!
    I haven't been around much...so sorry! Hope Griffin's Spanish experience is going well! There are some great Youtube videos of authentic children's songs that Sofia loves. Let me know if you need some links and I will try to get them to you before another 10 months passes!