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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mi Rosaliciosa!

Sofía’s amiga Siena gave her this libro for her cumpleaños and of course—it’s in Español!  It couldn’t be more fitting for my Pinkaliciosa!
We read the book over and over and over all the time! It also makes for a yummy follow-up activity. First we read the book and then we made our own pastelitos.  The recipe we used is an egg and dairy free one (we were in desperate need of a trip to the Supermercado!) Sofía loves to bake with me. 
The Sous Chef mixed the ingredientes together.

She added in the secret ingrediente.  Oops...maybe I shouldn't reveal that!

Sofía snuck in a taste!

Waiting is very difícil for Pinkaliciosa!

Taste-testing the final product. 

The victory dance!


  1. JT told me to tell you that she must get her good looks from the male side of la familia. He thinks he is tan cómico..


    Katiusca ;-)