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Friday, August 3, 2012

I Have It All--Do You?

Febrero 16, 2009
¡Motherhood & Profession:  Women Still Can’t Have It All!  Anne-Marie Slaughter, former (and the first) woman director of policy planning at the State Department, wrote a very “controversial” article for the Atlantic.  She addresses the myths that women tell women about balancing work and personal lives and what changes society needs to make in order to really make work environment equal for men and women.  She equates role-model women who appear to be “have it all” as being super-human.  She does comment that she realizes that her article addresses women with choices to work or not to work among other choices and that many women don’t have those kinds of options.  You can read the article HERE ---then let me know what you think!  Where do you stand?  Do you have it all?

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  1. "Have it all"--are you kidding?! I don't even have time to read this loooong article--it's been open on my computer for two months now.

    What I can say is that working part-time complicates my life significantly--juggling daycare drop-offs and preschool pick-ups, trying to work from home when I don't get everything finished in time at the office, mandatory meetings on mornings when I don't typically have childcare and our teen babysitters are in school, feeling torn between not having enough time with my kids and not enough time to accomplish enough at work, transitioning between my "work self" and my "maman self" several times a day and never getting a chance for my "me self".... good thing I love my job at the library!

    Do you miss teaching? (Or rather, I should say, "classroom" teaching.)