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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feria de las Flores

I’ve been to the Feria several times and it is asombroso!!  Since Sofía loves flores so much, we will definitely have to take her to Medellín one year so that she can experience it---it is like no other!

This foto (courtesy of NoticiasTeleMedellín) is of a Sillatero.  He is carrying a huge floral arrangement on his back.  The Desfile (Parade) of Silleteros is a representation of the end of slavery when slaves used to carry people on their backs instead of flores.  The Feria usually has a lot of other events going on like conciertos and cabalgatas (horse parades), but I think the Desfile of Silleteros is really the main focus (at least for me it was!)   You can check out more info about the Feria on its official website!  The Feria de las Flores runs until Agosto 12, 2012!

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