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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Té Tradicional

Somewhere between 5 – 7 PM in Lima, Perú, people will have their Té Tradicional. I’m pretty sure that people use the term Lonche interchangeably with , but our Resident Expert on Peruvian Culture seemed to have misplaced that archive in his brain and can’t remember. During the Té Tradicional, light snacks or sanduchesare served (For me, it really is an entire meal because there is nothing light about all the deli, iristiblegoodies!) and then dinner is eaten later. Incidentally, before our rehearsal dinner, we brought our wedding party and out-of-town-guests to at El Hotel Country in Lima. (We had no idea it was going to be so extravagant! From there we then went to eat again!)
Surely motivated by some Peruvian gene, lately Sofía has wanted to have after her siesta.  So we drag real water with us and her Green Téset that is BPA free and real-food safe, and have our Té Tradicional on the front porch!  Sofía drinks more water during our Té Tradicional than she does all day, so it brings an extra plus in my book! 

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