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Friday, July 30, 2010

Uugghh Sleepless Night

For some reason, Sofía woke up about every two hours on Thursday night. At 4:30 AM, my husband threw in the towel and told her that if she wanted to play then she could play. Hmmm. When he later tried to put her back to sleep in her cuna, she threw a fit (big surprise) and became hysterical. So I brought her into the bed with me and we watched Baby Signing Times to calm her down and munched on waffles. (No, I didn’t even care about the crumbs that were piling up in my bed!) We ate breakfast and by 8:30 AM she was back in her cuna sleeping. She was exhausted as well as I was….but I usually don’t get hit with tiredness until the afternoon. Sofía slept for three hours in the morning and then another two in the afternoon. The reason? I think her other molars are coming in and are interrupting her sleep. When she wakes up, I think she is finding it hard to go back to sleep and wants some LOVE in the process. She likes to sleep, so I’m sure she doesn’t like being awake any more than we do! Ah, parenthood!

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  1. Owww, teething, bummer!
    And the bad weather? Tursday there wer tunderstorms in the afternoon and it rained at night right? Marnix is obsessed with it....