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Saturday, July 3, 2010

California Chicas

Our California vacation was great! My husband had business, so Sofía and I tagged along and he took a few days off. How many people do you know get sent out of town on business to the BEACH???!!!
Here are a few fotos of Sofía's aventuras.  One of the nicest things about it?  Everywhere we went, people spoke Español!

Here is the vista from our great hotel!

Sofía went every morning to look for her new friend la coneja and su bebe (the bunny and her baby).

Then she strutted over to the pond to see the exotic pez.

But her favorite thing to do, as you can imagine, was to run around the plaza of the hotel smelling all the flores!

On El Dia del Padre, we took a walk/hike to the playa.

What Sofía didn’t like at ALL about California, was the playa…as you can see from her PLEASANT facial expression. She begged us to hold her the entire time we were walking on the playa!

At Disneylandia, Sofía met Mickey Mouse and shook his hand!
(The event isn't pictured here of course!)

Sofía enjoyed her snack and sang along with the music of the Disney Desfile (parade). 

El fin de las aventuras de Sofía en California.

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