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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey You’re Not Me!! Stolen Identity

I have been in a rut. The day after my last post, I learned that someone stole my Identity and made purchases with my bank card. It has been a dolor de cabeza to put it lightly. I have almost taken care of everything, but I’ve become exhausted in the process and it has put me behind on blogging. I’m really annoyed by the entire thing. The charges are petty and my bank refunded my losses which were only about $100. My husband thinks that neither the bank nor the Apple itunes (where the purchases and ID were used) will do anything about it. Supposedly it has to be a LOT of money for them to pursue this kind of theft. Someone even mentioned that sometimes banks consider $10,000 to be petty theft! I was assured that the Fraud Department of both entities would investigate and uncover what they could. My husband, a holder of a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Finance, basically told me to give it up. But I want JUSTICE!!! (I’m a Sagittarius!) Maybe mine was petty and a few others are petty, but all those petty add up to Grand Larceny! Uuuggghh I hate Bureaucratic paperwork!

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