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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fotos Profesionales

Since my brother is a professional fotógrafo, we don’t really believe much in going to studios for fotos. I’ve also been cursed with the gifted eye and snobby ability to pay attention to photographic detail. But when I came across a free portrait from The Picture People, well, I couldn’t resist free. I pulled it off the internet, so you could also it you want to. I believe the offer expires in December of 2010. I went in to the store with the idea that I was NOT going to spend any money and I didn’t, but let me tell you I wanted to. While I looked at the proofs on the big, flat screen monitor, I immediately wanted them ALL. Then they brought out a frame with 4 fotos of Sofía and it looked sooo nice! I was never much into that kind of thing before….but let me tell you, as a friend put it to me, It was MY baby in that frame! I of course wanted that too. I didn’t even ask the price since to purchase the CD with the proofs was some mere $150 WITH the 25% off coupon. So I decided to demonstrate patience and wait for my brother and look around for a frame so that I can do it myself. I also have a coupon for a free portrait from Sears, also available on the internet, so I think on the next rainy day; we will go there too, just for more ideas! Here is the free gift that the Picture People gave to us.

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