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Monday, July 26, 2010

La Lora: The Sequel Part II of Mi Madre is un Language Nerdo!

The other day while watching Baby Signing Times, Sofía became a Little Lora, a parrot. She decided that it was the day to REPEAT the vocabulary words out loud in English; something that she has never done before. She said “cracker” and “grass”, words from her favorite sound group C and G. Now I don’t know if she KNOWS the meaning of the words in English because I didn’t test her. All I know is that she was repeating the words, making the sounds. I know she knows the meaning of the words en Español and in ASL (American Sign Language). She can say “cracker” en Español and ‘grass” is a little weak still. All this leads me to believe that she must know the meaning in English as well, but without having given her some kind of evaluation, I can’t be sure. But it was sure interesting to hear her repeat what she heard in English just like a little Lora!

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