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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mica Ve Mica Hace

Sofía is 17 months old and very into mimicking the same things that we do around the house. (In addition to picking up ALL our vocabulary like a sponge!!! So we need to be careful what we say!!) She loves to clean things with anything that is white; a rag, napkin, or paper towel. (I don’t think that this is a bad thing!) She insisted so much on pushing her own stroller at Disneylandia, that we bought her a toy stroller that she CONSTANTLY pushes Mickey Mouse around in. We moved her play cocina up into our real cocina so that she can cook while we are cooking. The other morning, she insisted that Mickey Mouse sit at the table to eat breakfast with us. Oh, but it didn’t stop there, I had to feed Mickey Mouse his oatmeal just as I had to feed Sofía her oatmeal. (My camara was not around and I’m bummed I missed that foto.) Today, we sat with her peluches (stuffed animals) and we all ate off pink cups and plates—ah pretend food….those are the calories I like! She is also intermittendly insisting on sitting on the same kind of chair as we do to eat her meals. Her little head rests just above the table and she can’t get up and down off the chair by herself, so I don’t like to foster that yet, but sometimes it is a battle I don’t want to fight. I’m trying to think of other activities that she can do in a pretend setting that won’t require me to purchase anything else. I’m all ears if anyone has any other ideas!!!

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