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Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 10 Things That URK Me!

Frequently, there is something that transpires throughout the day and I begin spinning my wheels thinking about what a great blog that it would make. Lately I’ve noticed there are many of them, so instead writing about each event, I decided it would be better to share them as a collection of things that urk me, a list I suppose. The details of the occurrence are not important, but just the fact that it happened. You can IMAGINE the details, as I suppose they are similar to events in your own life, at one point or another. When I read them in a list, I know they urk me, but they also make laugh because they are so common-sense ridiculous!

          By the way, Urk, is also the name of a town in the Netherlands!
En Español, I would use the phrase, “Me saca la piedra.” to express that I’m urked or annoyed.

Here we go in no particular order…..

Top 10 Things that Urk Me. / Las 10 Cosas Que Me Saquen la Piedra.

1 You telling me what my daughter does or doesn’t do…like telling me that she doesn’t take a nap in the morning.

2. Correcting my parenting style with something that is just plain stupid and doesn’t make sense.

3. Yelling, not disciplining, yelling at your kids in front of others…can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors?

4. Putting Sofia’s zapatos on the table—Just because they are tiny doesn’t mean they are clean!

5. Insistently giving my daughter things for her to play with that are a choking hazard.

6. Thinking that yogurt doesn’t spoil

7. Touching my food with your dirty hands…that is why we have utensils and hand soap.

8. Not being able to control your dog.

9. When you don’t discipline your kids

10. When you ask me my professional analysis and then decide to not believe me based on nothing.

Do you have a list like this?


  1. Oh-oh,....hope I'm not guilty of those urking items, or that you will tell me if I do Urking things! Or were you thinking of someone in particular? Haha!

    Urk, by the way is a town of fishermen. Very oldfashioned, very religious (or does the one result from the other?)and with a high percentage of drugaddicts (again...or is it the harsh fisherman-life). So it looks very nice and attracts toursists because of that, but behind that nice facade....Just like people :-)

  2. ha ha...don't worry about urking me!! I can't imagine you EVER yelling at your children like that!