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Friday, May 7, 2010

El Alfabeto

One of the things I loved the most about my job was the inter-exchange of ideas. Whenever I would visit other educator’s classrooms, for whatever reasons, I was always able to come away with some new idea to implement in my own practices. I love to steal—giving credit where credit is due of course. Now as a new parent, I do the same. I like to know what others are doing because sometimes I just plain run out of ideas or I think that I may get caught up with a certain baby developmental milestone and may forget about some other. So last week when we were at Marnix’s house playing, I learned something new! Marnix learned some of his alfabeto! Isn’t that fantastic!!??!! He doesn’t know all of them all the time, but he can often identify some of them sometimes. So I decided that I had better start doing the same with Sofía. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but that is why we have friends!! Marnix has the alfabeto in magnetic letras on the nevera, or refrigerator, and Sofía was thrilled by this new discovery. Sorry to say that our nevera is stainless steel and not magnetic. But those creative juices started flowing and I overcame that obstacle, for an activity at least. I used the foam letras that usually are part of her bathtub toys. We dunked the letras in water and they stayed on the nevera. I can’t keep them on there always, but it is a good activity at least. For now, I have to remember to talk about the letras on her playmat everday to start expanding her neural connections!! Marnix also is on the self-potty training route…a task I’m not ready to tackle just quite yet! Gracias to Marnix’s mom!!

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