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Monday, May 10, 2010

Burke Lake

On Friday, we made an impromptu drive to Burke Lake when Sofía woke up early from her nap. I wanted to take her outside to get some fresh air but to also do something different even though she was not feeling well. We had some leftover bread that I wanted her to feed the ducks. I had never been there before and we only explored the part by the lake. The geese are fearless. As soon as we approached the lake, they came over to investigate the stroller. I put Sofía on the ground to have a better view, and as soon as I did, geese came storming over to investigate her! I had to swoop Sofía up so that she wouldn’t be knocked over. They must have smelled her snack or heard a familiar wrapper sound, because they came in hoards to check out the stroller. I hadn’t even unwrapped anything or taken anything out of the bag! Sofía was intrigued by them…they are bigger than her which I didn’t expect…I was expecting mallards. She had to eat snack on my lap. Since she is only 15 months, every 5 crackers drops on the ground, and so she had an attentive audience. At one point, when the goose ate all the crackers off the ground, it nibbled on Sofía’s shoe! This impromptu trip was quite a workout for me!

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