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Saturday, May 29, 2010

La Tía

My husband is one of three boys and I have a brother and a sister. So that makes my sister Sofía’s only tía not by marriage. My sister’s children, my sobrinos, are 20 and 16.5 years old, so it has been a while since there was a baby in the family, and Sofía is her only niece. Tía obviously LOVES Sofía and it is exciting because of course you want to see someone else dote over your child as much as you do. When Tía comes to visit, she talks to Sofía en Español and she brings Sofía gifts like some cool stylish clothes, barrettes, and bracelets. The last time Tía visited, it was October and we went to a Pumpkin Farm and pet goats and cows and Tía went down a slide on a burlap bag like we used to do when we were kids. This time, we went to Georgetown and walked around a bit and ate at Pizzeria Paradiso, supposedly the best pie in the city. Sofía wasn’t so impressed. (Pictures will be posted as soon as they arrive to me!)

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