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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So here I was reading the Tylenol recall, thinking, well, good thing I don’t have to worry about it. And wouldn’t you know that I jinxed myself!! Sofía came down with a 103° fever on Sunday. You would never know that she had a fever though because she doesn’t complain and plays común y corriente, normal. The fever gradually came down with the help of generic Tylenol, but she had to miss her music class and a play-date with her favorite friend Marnix. I also have to keep her away from the her neighborhood friends too, which is hard to do because she sees them outside and immediately wants to nosy about to see what is going on. Today, her fever is just about gone, but she had her 15 month well-check-up at the Pediatra’s office and got two shots, which I’m sure will make that pesky fever linger for a bit longer. Oh well, Es la vida, no?  What a way to celebrate El Cinco de Mayo!

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