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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

El Zo

Yesterday, Sofía had her music class which is now interfering with her new morning nap schedule. So needless to say, she didn’t sleep but actually behaved in the class—I thought we were going to have to leave early because she would be cranky. When we got home, she ate a surprisingly big lunch and then I put her to take her afternoon nap. She only slept for 40 minutes. So I decided that it was now or never and I packed her up and we went to the Zo. I figured that she would sleep either on the way there or the way back and could eat her snack while we tooled around the Zo. The National Zo in DC is free and we even found parking on the street, so it really was a free event for us.

We saw una chita, un elefante, una gorila, un orangután, and some very mean patos mallard. I find it very hard to take fotos of Sofía in some places because there are so many people around. I wanted to get one of her looking at the elefante or even making the elefante sign or even of her signing “shoe” to me because her shoe had fallen off. Now what a GREAT foto this would have made….picture me holding Sofía with one hand on my hip, bending down to the ground low enough to stretch my arm THROUGH the fence to reach her shoe. Or how about me , in that same position, contorting my body in a C so that I could grab the shoe with my FINGERNAIL. Now that would have been a Kodak moment. So on the way out, I remembered that I didn’t even take a foto of the elefante, so here is one, although not the close up view that we had. No Sofía, just elefante.


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  2. That's so nice your "Zo" is free!

  3. We're pretty lucky that we have a lot of free stuff here..the only problem is parking! You have to be creative, but it helps that I used to live in the City proper and have a few tricks up my sleave!