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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bizarre Toddler Behavior

Evidently it is very common for toddlers to display bizarre behaviors. Some babies, especially boys, bang their heads, others rock, and mine touches her pestañas, her eyelashes. Sofía is OBSESSED with her pestañas. She now wants to touch our pestañas also. I thought maybe it was a soothing thing, but no, not necessarily. Although mostly she does it when she is relaxing, I have also found her touching them at any random point in the day…during lunch or while playing. It is particularly tricky when she tries touching her pestañas and her fingers are filled with barbeque sauce. We almost wouldn’t care so much expect that every-once-in-a-while, she pokes her eye. We thought that would stop her, but it really hasn’t and when we tried to stop her, it only gave her more incentive to do it, so we’ve stopped insisting. This bizarre toddler behavior has seemed to die down a little, but is still existent. Oh well, Sofía does have very nice long pestañas that she inherited from her Papi, so feel them if she must!


  1. in Spain cejas means eyebrows and we call pestañas to the eyelashes...

  2. Ay, Dios Mio! Tienes toda la razon del mundo! No se que estaba pensando! Gracias por llamarme la atencion al error! Mi cabeza esta en otra parte...ese mismo dia, guarde la leche en el almacen en vez de la nevera! Gracias!

  3. not big deal, it's hair near the eyes anyway! :)