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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update II on Sofía’s Signing

In the past two weeks Sofía’s signing has boomed. She is picking up new signs rapidly-even initiating them even if I haven’t used them with her yet. (She watches Baby Signing Times about once a week.) She also has started putting two of her words together, like singing MORE + BOOK to let me know that she wants to read another book. Another funny thing that she has been doing is making up her own signs. I have been able to figure some of them out, but for others I feel bad because I don’t know what she is trying to say. The other day in music class, she did something really funny and linguistically awesome! At the end of class, the teacher signs an entire song with the kids. Sofía sits right in front of the teacher and “signs” the song. She doesn’t know the signs and can’t keep up, so she does her own linguistic approximation of the song. She does a hodge podge of signs. It is so funny. After class, someone asked me if we sign at home because it looked like Sofía knew what she was doing! In addition to the words: finished, more, eat, milk, agua, hat, shoes, banana and grapes, Sofía now signs the following: cheese, waffle, car, pajamas, carrot, bath, wash hands, egg, popo, book, ball, fish, and peas. The best part of all is that she gets so happy when we understand her!

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