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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

El Menú del Día

I’m running out of ideas of what to give 13-month-old Sofía for our mid-day meal, our almuerzo. We have a variety of things she will eat for breakfast, but el almuerzo, our biggest meal of the day, is the stumper. The problem is basically her main part of the meal, her protein. She eats chicken mostly and every now and then beef or steak. Mac and Cheese is also a big hit, but no meatballs or any kind of ground anything. On side dishes we are ok. Her favorites are peas, grapes, cheese, and sweet potato. I have been going to the store and looking to see what kinds of frozen things she might eat and if it works, we will replicate it at home. We found these spinach and broccoli patties that she loves. Although our meal time is very a lo Latino, we do eat a variety of fare. Suggestions anyone??

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