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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ratoncita de Biblioteca

Ever since Sofía developed the dexterity in her little hands to flip pages, she has loved libros or books. She always grabs el libro and puts it in her hands correctly (not upside down or backwards) and turns the pages as if she were a librarian reading to an audience. Now that she can sign “libro” she asks for them constantly. We used to randomly read to her throughout the day but always before she goes to bed as part of our nighttime routine. Lately, she asks for her libros as soon as we pick her up from sleeping, whether it is in the morning or a nap. So now it has become a routine to also read to her in the morning as well. We usually read to her and she makes comments on the pictures. At first her comments were just sounds, then pointing, words and pointing, and now she signs whatever she can identify on the page. Today for example, on the beach page, she signed “fish” and “boat”. Hopefully, Sofía will continue to be a Ratoncita de Biblioteca as she grows older.

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