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Monday, March 8, 2010

Las Rimas de Mi Abuela

Although my familia lives a good distance from us, we are very fortunate that at least almost all of my husband’s immediate familia lives relatively close to us. This means that La Abuela comes to hang out with Sofía twice a week. Not only does La Abuela provide Sofía with an entirely different linguistic experience, she plays games, peek-a-boo, and sings songs. As I mentioned somewhere in an earlier post, I do not know nursery rhymes in any language, so I became intrigued with the rimas that La Abuela sings to Sofía. These are the same children’s rimas that la abuela of La Abuela used to sing which means that each generation of my husband’s family has grown up with these rimas. So I decided to video-tape La Abuela singing her rimas. In addition to sentimental value for us, the rimas may be helpful to people who want to learn some authentic children’s rimas en español.  If you want to see more of the rimas, visit my YouTube Channel.

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