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Friday, March 5, 2010

La Clase de Música

Sofía and I signed up for a music class called Tiny Tunes. After reading about similar classes available for us, I chose this one because there were only about five babies signed up for the class and I wanted something small and personal. As it turns out, I chose the absolute correct class. The class is focused on providing us with activities to foster adult-child interaction. There is lots of music with instruments, play time, story time and fine and gross motor skill development. The best part is that the curriculum incorporates the usage of sign language and el Español. The teacher is from Panamá (an extra plus because my objective wasn’t to look for something with any en Español.) and the other babies and parents are awesome! Sofía LOVES her class. She plays with the other babies and hangs out with the parents of these babies. She ADORES her teacher and leaves me to sit by her. The other day, she let the teacher pick her up! It has been a great experience and we plan to continue these types of classes to give Sofía the interaction with other people and babies her age that she needs. We highly recommend it!

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