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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Power of Language

Sofía, a very, very good baby, has been vocal from birth. At only two days old, she was kicked out of the nursery for being a big mouth. That will make for great dinner conversation with her friends in years to come! Since I’m a language nerd, it is no surprise that the entire world of baby language fascinates me. If you are at all interested in a more detailed account of how babies can hear in the womb and how bilingual babies differentiate between their two languages in the womb, check out this article posted on Bilingual Readers, called Prenatal Bilingualism. Before Sofía was banned from the nursery, my husband went there to pick her up (they were conducting tests of some sort) and bring her to our luxury suite. My husband walked into the nursery and said something to one of the nurses. As soon as Sofía heard his voice, she stopped crying. The nurse said they had tried everything make her stop crying and were just about to bring her to us. Ah, the power of prenatal parental bonding!

Here is the next video to document Sofía language progression. (It also shows her being a payasa, a clown. She pretends she is going to give me some of her food and then she takes it and eats it herself! It is one of her favorite gigs!) The video documents her oral comprehension of what her father tells her to do (Give the food to Mami.), as well as her oral production. She is saying “gato”.

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