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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gato See, Gato Do!

Constantly, I am looking for ways that I can enhance Sofía’s play time. She has solo play which is usually while I am showering and getting dressed and then we together play. Sometimes play is structured towards a specific task or milestone and sometimes it is just for good ole fun. I got the idea of creating some kind of tent for Sofía to play with so that she could develop her sense of depth-perception, problem solving, and learn the concepts of “in and out”. So I got an idea to cut holes in a large moving-box, a caja, and then I realized that I had a caja that one of her toys for Christmas came in. It has been great idea. We store all her balls inside it. She has learned to reach inside and get them out. Sometimes she can’t reach all of them, so she has to figure out how to do that (reach further, ask for help, move to the other side or move the caja). She also uses the caja to pull herself up on and uses the top as a table. Recently, she has started using the entire caja as a “walker”. I think it works well for her because the surface area is large so it makes taking those wobbly steps easier. Her latest gig is climbing inside the caja which is hilarious. As you can see from the fotos, ALL the family gets uses out of the caja! I included a pic from the actual toy which is called “Parents’ Busy School Activity Cube”. Hope this inspires someone to make or share info about their own toys!

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