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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I wish I would have started this blog much earlier in Sofía’s life. I think the early months are so harry and you have so many questions and sometimes are too tired to do the research. I know I spent much time cruising the internet looking for answers to my seemingly rare “problems”. For example, no one told me that there is a Five-Month regression where some babies go from sleeping through the “night” to waking up every 2 hours. I also didn’t know that Carter’s clothing made various lines of clothes and that the generally run small and moderately shrink. I also didn’t know that Costco sells awesome Carter’s footed fleece pajamas for the cheapest price in town and that I should stock up for the next 3 sizes because by the time I needed the next size, they would be out of season! I also found that jumpsuits are the most awesome invention ever. Once Sofia outgrew the sizes available in the footed Sleep and Plays (Gerbers were my favorite!) I found I could move to jumpsuits which are the one piece outfits without the feet. I love them because they have easy access for diaper changes. In fact, I hate two pieces because my Gatita is a squirmer thus causing two pieces to be a royal pain.

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