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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Year in Review

Here is snapshot view of Sofía’s first year!

Sofía was born three weeks early! It was the best surreal drama ever, complete with Mami’s water breaking in the middle of the night, denial, and not being packed for the hospital. She was born at 12:06 PM. But drama didn’t stop there….She had jaundice and a broken clavicle, but was perfecta!

Nacho sleeps with Sofía.

Sofía concentrates on working her abs!

Going for a ride outside with Mami.

Sofía visits her first Washington monument.

Sofía celebrated her gatos’ birthday!

Sofía learns to stand in her excersaucer!

Sofía’s bautismo

Sofía first time at the piscina!

Sofía laughs at Mami.

We celebrated Papi’s birthday at the playa!

Sofía learned to sit by herself!

First time sitting by herself in a shopping cart!

Sofía crawls everywhere!

Tigger visited amigos at Halloween!

Santa was a big hit with Sofía.

Sofía opened a few regalos at her First Cumpleaños!

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