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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sofía is now a year old and I can’t believe it! My little Gatita has grown so much and has learned to do so much so quickly! I wish I could learn things at the rate that she does! She is a happy baby who laughs and loves to play with her gatos, Nacho and Fulanito. Sofía is goofy and curious and at times very determined. She suffers from mamitis which means that she wants to be around me siempre-always. This means that when she takes a nap, she wants to nap in my lap or on my shoulder. I’ve let it go on for a year because I tried everything else unsuccessfully and as I threw in the towel, decided that there will come a time when she isn’t going to want to be with me and I am going to want her to be, so I better get it all while I can now. Sofía’s mamitis also means that she went through a phase where she was leery about people she didn’t know and would scowl at them. Now that she has learned to wave, she waves at everyone coming and going.

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